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1) What is Lotto/Numbers betting?

Lotto/Numbers betting is the name we give to betting at fixed odds on the results of certain national and international lotteries, 49’s and other similar Numbers draws. Instead of buying a ticket, you place a bet on numbers you think will be and if your chosen numbers match the Numbers drawn, you win. Check out the rules and payouts on the Lotto games here.

2) How much does it cost for a Lotto/Numbers bet?

The minimum total stake for a Lotto bet is 10p.

3) Can I use ‘Free Bets’ on Betfred Lotto?

Yes, if you have a 'Free Bet' balance, you can use Free Bets. Any returns from Free Bets will not include the Free Bet stake.

4) What happens if a draw does not take place?

If for any reason a draw does not take place or no draw (i.e. result) is published or officially announced, all valid Numbers Bets on that draw will stand for the next available draw(s) unless cancelled by mutual consent before such next available draw(s).

5) Can you combine Numbers bets with any other bets?

No, you are unable to do this.

6) How does the ‘Lucky Dip’ option work?

If you select the ‘Lucky Dip’ option, you will have your numbers randomly generated for you. You do not have to accept these numbers and you can press ‘Lucky Dip’ again to receive another selection of numbers. You can also still enter your own numbers.

7) What time-zone do we use?

All draws are in UK Time, unless otherwise stated.

8) Can you bet as a syndicate or a group?

We understand that you may like to place bets on Lotto or Numbers draws in groups or syndicates. However, we only recognise you, the registered account holder who places the bet, as the winner of any prize and will not get involved in resolving any disputes you may have with any fellow member of a group or syndicate. We also only pay out to you, the account holder, if the bet wins.

9) When will you receive your winnings?

Winnings will be paid directly into your account on bet settlement; however, this may be delayed should further verification checks need to be carried out.

10) Can we make changes to these rules?

Betfred reserves the right to amend or terminate the rules of any draw at any time without prior notice. However, this will not affect anyone who has already entered the draw before this change is made, other than where this is necessary to prevent fraud or other similar unlawful behaviour.