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Game Fairness

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All of the outcomes on our games (with the exception of Live Casino games) are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Both the game software and the ‘RNG’ have undergone and passed independent external compliance testing. This means that they comply with the standards set by our regulators in Gibraltar and Great Britain.

External compliance testing is performed by a test house, approved by our regulators. The test house checks certain elements such as: a game’s functionality; display; transaction; rules and mathematics (i.e. how the Return to Player (RTP) percentage figure is calculated), to ensure that the overall game complies with regulatory requirements and in accordance with the rules of the game.

Our Live Casino games use physical equipment to determine the outcome of the games. All Live Casino equipment is subjected to rigorous security, evaluation, maintenance and integrity procedures as required by our regulators.

We also carry out our own internal testing to check that we are happy to make the relevant game available to you.

Please note that the Return to Player (RTP) value of each game reflects the expected percentage return to all players of a particular game from the total monies bet on the game by those players. Each RTP figure is a theoretical return based on a large number of game plays (typically several hundred thousand game plays).

Suppliers of both our RNG games and our Live Casino games also perform continuous ‘live RTP monitoring’ to ensure that we are alerted to any game RTPs that are not as they should be. In such instances, the game in question will be made unavailable whilst an investigation takes place. Where an investigation identifies a problem with a game’s RTP, we will where possible treat any bets made on the affected game as void so that no winnings are paid and no losses are retained by us. However, where this is not possible, we will apply the following principles:

  • we will not benefit from the ‘malfunction;’
  • we will treat affected customers fairly and with priority; and
  • we will let affected customers know the steps we have taken and the reasons for doing so after all monies due to customers because of the ‘malfunction’ have been returned (but not before).


The RTP for each of our games can be found by following the links below: