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Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto was first introduced over 30 years ago, broadcasted live in Ireland on RTE (the Irish version of ITV) with the draws taking place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm.

It’s easy to play at Betfred. Simply select from numbers 1-47 or click ‘Lucky Dip’ to have your numbers randomly generated for you.

Then all you need to do is choose which draw you’d like to place your bet on. You can bet on any one draw, two draws or all three if you choose. The date and number of each draw is next to the relevant tick box. You can also bet up to 4 weeks in advance.

Just pick from the 6 or 7 ball draw by toggling the bonus ball option. The 7-ball draw includes a bonus ball and increases the chances of winning but offers smaller pay-outs.

What are the Irish Lotto odds?

Numbers Selected 6 Ball Draw Pays 7 Ball Draw Pays
1 £6 £5
2 £60 £45
3 £700 £400
4 £8,500 £4,500
5 £150,000 £50,000

All pays calculated to a £1 bet.

What time is the Irish Lotto drawn?

The Irish Lotto draws take place at 20:00 on Wednesday and Saturday, and players can place bets up until 15 minutes before the draw.

Where can I play Irish Lotto?

Betfred is a popular destination for numbers betting and it's not just the Irish Lotto that we have available to bet on, both online and in our shops.

We were named the Lotto Betting Operator of the Year in 2022/23 by Compare The Lotto, That’s a massive honour for excellence in the number of Lotto draws offered, the great odds available and regular promotions available for both new and existing customers.

Want to try something new? How about Betfred’s exclusive numbers betting game Nifty 50 or the Daily Million.

Offers & Promotions

For new customers to Betfred Lotto, you can get your hands on our Betfred sign-up offer. Each promotion has its own terms and conditions that apply.

What is Lotto/Numbers betting?

Betfred Lotto/Numbers betting is a unique way of betting on the result of a selection of draws.

Betfred offer all customers the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the draw but with fixed odds via the convenience of your phone or PC.

With Betfred, Lotto and Numbers betting is not the same as buying a ticket into an official Lottery draw.

The process is very simple you can choose between 1 and 5 numbers to be drawn in any of our lotto or number draws including Irish Lotto, German Lotto, Spanish Lotto etc., each returning fixed odds for the number of balls you correctly nominate e.g. if you choose to bet on 3 numbers on the outcome of the Irish Lotto draw and all 3 numbers are drawn you will win £701 from a £1 bet, as we offer odds of 700/1.

Betfred Lotto and Numbers betting offers the biggest range of draws throughout the week, with at least 2 draws taking place each day.

All bets placed on Betfred Lotto products are fixed odds bets on the outcome of an official draw not a lottery bet.

Numbers betting is placing fix odds bets on the outcome of a draw created solely for the purpose of fixed odds number betting.