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Triple Kings

An instant win effort that’s fit for royalty? You’ll want a whole load of Realistic Games’ Triple Kings pull tab then!

Don the crown and try to land three of a kind behind the different pull tab doors – kings or queens will do.

Royal Combos:

  • 3 King symbols = x64 stake
  • 3 Queen symbols = x64 stake
  • 3 Club symbols = x32 stake
  • 3 Diamond symbols = x16 stake
  • 3 Spade symbols = x8 stake
  • 3 Heart symbols = x4 stake
  • 2 Heart symbols = x2 stake
  • 1 Heart symbol = x1 stake

A list as long as your arm shows the potential wins available in the Realistic Games instant win.

Live like a King or Queen in Triple Kings pull tab at Betfred.