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Pyramid Pursuit

Pyramid Pursuit is a key symbol match-style game with six different levels.

Game play features a chance to move up a level on the pyramid and unlock a new row and a chance to activate the bonus game!

Select the plus or minus buttons to choose the PLAY amount from 50p up to £30.

Only the bottom row of the pyramid will be unlocked at the start of each game round.

Select the individual gold bars on the unlocked row of the pyramid to reveal YOUR GEMS or select the REVEAL button to reveal all the gems for an unlocked row all at once.

When any of YOUR GEMS match any WINNING GEM, win the prize amount shown.

If a winning match occurs on any row, the game will automatically move up one level and the next row on the pyramid will unlock once YOUR GEMs have all been revealed for the current row.

If there is not a winning match, any rows locked will remain locked and the current game round will end.

Reveal a LIGHTNING BOLT symbol to automatically move up one level and unlock the next row on the pyramid.

Reveal three DIAMOND symbols to activate the DIAMOND BONUS ROUND.

When a DIAMOND symbol is revealed during the main game play, the DIAMOND will move from the pyramid to the DIAMOND BONUS GAME meter.

A new YOUR GEMS symbol will replace the revealed the DIAMOND symbol.

The DIAMOND BONUS GAME will activate when 3 DIAMOND symbols are revealed during main game play.

Once the DIAMOND BONUS GAME has started, select the individual platinum bars on the unlocked row to reveal either a DIAMOND, a CHEST symbol or a COLLECT symbol.

Keep selecting platinum bars until the row is fully revealed. After a row is fully revealed, the game will automatically move up one level and the next row on the pyramid will unlock.

With each DIAMOND symbol revealed, the corresponding number in the prize chart will highlight after the third DIAMOND symbol is revealed.

If a CHEST symbol is revealed on the pyramid, nothing will happen.

The DIAMOND BONUS GAME will end when a COLLECT symbol is revealed.