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Monopoly Round The Houses

MONOPOLY Round The Houses is a 3-games-in-1 multi-feature game with a Board Bonus feature where you can play from 10p all the way up to £30. Reveal a House to activate the Super Bonus and a Hotel to activate Mega Bonus. Collect properties, stations, and utilities on the bonus board for prizes and make a full property set for additional multipliers.

Game One – Match 3 Symbols

Match three symbols to win the corresponding prize shown to the left of the grid.

Click on the panels in the grid to reveal a symbol, match 3 symbols to win a prize!

Game Two – Yours vs Theirs

Game Two uses four rows, with two number columns and a WIN column.

Click on the tiles in both columns for each row to reveal the hidden numbers for yours and theirs.

If your number is higher than theirs, you will win the corresponding prize!

Game Three – Property Match

Eight cards are shown that are “Your Properties” and if one of your properties matches the property underneath the “Winning Property” card you will win the prize!

Click on each card to reveal the property, the cards can be selected in any order.