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Jackpot Cherries Pull Tab

Roll back the years with Jackpot Cherries pull tab at Betfred Lotto.

This Realistic pull tab card has an impressive six winning combinations, ranging from x1 to a whopping x75 your bet.

All you need to do is pick a tab and pull it back to see if you’ve managed to find one of the winning combos.

So, what are the pull tab machine’s winners?

The Mega Jackpot is the star of this old school show, find three of these behind a pull tab and you’ll be celebrating x75 your stake.

There’s also Super Jackpot (x50), Jackpot (x25), Cherries (x5), Crosses (x2) and Noughts (x1)

You may not even need three of a kind however, find one of each of the three Jackpot symbols behind a door to get x10, Winner winner!

What will you find in Jackpot Cherries pull tab card at Betfred Lotto?