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Fireworks Pull Tab

Light the match for Realistic Games’ Fireworks Instant Win Pull Tab game at Betfred.

The aim is pretty simple, four pull tabs sit on top of the night sky background, and your aim is to reveal three-of-a-kind behind the windows.

Each winning combination differs, with wins from x1 to x100 available, with a whopping x400 if you can find 3 Fireworks (Game Logo) under each of the four pull tabs.

Explosive Winning Combinations

There’s seven ways to win in Fireworks, these are;

  • 3 Fireworks (Game Logo) = x100
  • 3 Fireworks (Star) = x50
  • 3 Fireworks (Rocket) = x25
  • 3 Mixed Fireworks = x10
  • 3 Red Gems = x5
  • 3 White Gems = x2
  • 3 Blue Gems= x1

Go out with a bang in Fireworks Instant Win Pull Tab at Betfred!