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Return To Player (RTP) - Virtual

Please note that this page is published for information purposes only and may contain typographical errors.

If there is any discrepancy between the RTP published on this page and the RTP published within the game, the RTP published within the game will take precedence.

The result of a Virtual event is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which has been independently tested and accredited before any of the games are released - please see our Game Fairness page for more detail. Each competitor in a Virtual event is weighted according to the odds displayed. The competitors with higher odds stand a lower chance of winning, but will generate higher returns..

*Should the customer's bet involve more than one selection; the theoretical margins naturally compound. The margins which are applied to forecasts and tricasts are identical to those pertaining to doubles and trebles respectively.


Virtual Sport Number of Runners Win over Round
Virtual Cycling 6 12%
7 14%
8 16%
9 18%
Virtual Horses 8 16%
9 18%
10 20%
11 21%
12 22%
13 23%
14 24%
15 25%
Virtual Greyhounds 6 18%
Virtual Motor Racing 12 22%
Virtual Speedway 4 8%
Virtual Tennis 2 12%
Virtual Football 2 11%
Virtual Bingo N/A 11%
Matchday Football League** 2 10%
Virtual Darts 2 6%
Virtual Boxing 9 18%
**Only displays the margin for the main matching betting market