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What Is Virtual & How It Works

With every Virtual Sport, whether it’s Virtual Horse Racing, Football, Greyhounds or any other Virtual event, there’s always a set number of runners/selections available to bet on.

Just like real life, every possible selection is priced depending on its chances of winning, the shorter the price, the higher the likelihood of winning and vice versa.

Each virtual sport runs through a regulated random number generator to determine the outcome, but how do they determine the odds from here?

Each event can be compared to a spin of a wheel, whereby the arrow determines the winner.

The largest segment represents the horse most likely to win (“the favourite”).

The price (“odds”) offered is the lowest for the favourite and increases as the probability of winning drops. Players can thereby choose their own risk vs. reward. It doesn’t sound too dissimilar to normal racing, but there’s plenty of positives in backing virtual sports.

Not only are the races every couple of minutes, but the beauty of virtual racing is, unlike the live action, there’s no non-runners, no worrying over weather conditions or anything else from affecting your selections.

That leaves the Virtual action to come in thick and fast, with completely random victors based on the number of votes, will you go for the short-priced favourite? Or an outsider based on hope, on the off chance that it’s their time to shine?


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bet on Virtual Racing?

There’s nothing new, you choose your selection, place it into the slip and off you go. What you select is up to you, whether it’s the price, colour of the silk or the name? What will be your go to solution?

How do I bet on Virtual Football?

Don’t worry, it’s really simple.

You are shown a host of teams and markets, and you simply make a selection based on your opinion, we have a lot of teams so will you back your favourite name, or the colour of their kit, or is a favourite your preferred option?

Once your bets are placed you can watch the match played out!

Any tips?

Unfortunately not, but that’s what makes Virtual Sports so great. You back what you think, whether that’s the price, colour of the silk or name!

No poor ‘inside knowledge’ or tips that turn out horrifically, and most importantly, no conditions outside of your control.

Simply back your horse, player, team, specific market or anything you simply fancy, and enjoy the action!

Whenever you bet, Betfred.