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Vegas Blackjack

Vegas Blackjack is the classic casino table game, revamped for an optimal mobile experience.

The sleek design is perfect for VIP players and high-rollers alike. Try your luck and beat the dealer to 21 in this exciting online game.

How to Play

Select your stake (min. bet amount £5.00, to max of £2,000) and watch one of dedicated dealers deliver your 2 cards.

From there, hit, stick or double up to see if you can beat the dealer’s hand in an enthralling game of Vegas Blackjack.

Side Bets

In addition to your straight up bet on your hand why not try a side bet too!

You have 2 options to choose from or you could place a side wager on both!

First up is the 21+3 side bet. This side wager is based on a 3-card poker hand - your two cards combined with the dealers face up card to combine for a winning poker hand.

Secondly is the Perfect Player Pair. This side wager is based on your first card matching your second card in 3 different ways. First, this can be a mixed pair so first card is 3 of Hearts and second card is 3 of clubs - that’s a mixed colour and mixed suit.

Next would be coloured pair so your first card would be 9 of spades and your second card being the 9 of clubs so that’s a match on value and colour suit.

The third would be the perfect pair so you first card is the 7 of hearts and you second card would also be a 7 of hearts hence the perfect pair.