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Super Bar-X

You will have the choice upon loading of choosing 1 of 3 different games, offering a top prize (3 x Bars) of either 40x, 50x, or 60x your stake!

You can enjoy this slot from Realistic on all your favourite platforms!

Sequence of Wins

Up to 3 wins may be awarded in each game by way of ‘Hold on Win’ or a ‘Free Spin’.

Each win is added to the ‘Collect Bank’ display and at the end of the game, the total is transferred to the account balance and the game is over.

Hold on Win

1 or 2 holds may randomly be offered after a nudged or straight in win and 1 hold may randomly be offered after a ‘Hold After Losing Nudge’ win.

Free Spin

1 or 2 free spins may randomly be offered after a straight-in win. Pressing the ‘Tick’ button will spin the reels to a repeat of the initial win.

Nudge Feature

3 Nudges can be randomly awarded at the end of any losing game. Pressing the flashing nudge buttons will nudge the reels forward by one symbol per nudge.

Pressing the ‘Tick’ button will automatically complete the nudges.

Hold After Losing Nudge Feature

This can be offered at random after losing Nudges. The ‘Hold’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons flash. The Holds may be pressed, but this is purely cosmetic as the reels must be un-held to continue.

Pressing the ‘Tick’ button will cancel any lit hold buttons and spin the reels. The reels will spin to a guaranteed random win!