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Route 777

The straight desert highway continues all the way to the horizon. It is a quiet and impressive landscape, and you can almost see the gold glistening in the sunlight. Could this really be it?

The mythical Route 777 – the road to riches and fortune!

Route 777 is a slot like no other, taking you from New York to the Golden Gate bridge!

It’s loaded with respins and free spins – turn up the engine and get ready for a hell of a ride!

Fortune Wheel

Find 3 of the skull symbols for instance and be rewarded with a random number of extra free spins and the Fortune Wheel is triggered. 

The wheel spins until you’ve lined up 3 identical 7’s and once you do this you win a cash prize of up to 100,000 coins.

Where will your journey take you?

Hit the open road in Route 777!