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Jackpot Harvest

See if you can in this latest slot from Design Works Gaming. You can play on all your favourite devices.

Free Games

When 3 free games symbols appear, free games are awarded.

Wild Jackpots

These are active during free games along with the wild counter feature. Any time a wild appears during free games, the counter increases by the number of wilds on the reels.

At the start of the free games, the lowest wild jackpot is selected.

The next wild jackpot is selected when the wild counter reaches the number of wilds needed for the respective wild jackpot. For each "+1 Free Game" symbol that appears, one extra free game is awarded.

When the "up arrow" symbol appears, each wild jackpot increases.

The wild jackpots can be increased a maximum of 10 times. When free games end, the selected wild jackpot is awarded.