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Step on plush carpets, past banks of slot machines, and take a very special seat at the heart of the action - where every spin resounds with atmosphere and excitement!

The announcer awaits, the crowd is primed, and the swing band is ready to celebrate when the wheels align for wins of up to ten thousand times your bet!

Nudge Feature

In the base game it can shift one of the reels up or down to land missed Bonus symbol. In the Fox Wheel it can improve your win on the money award wheel.

Fox Wheel Feature

The Fox Wheel consists of 3 wheels: money, multiplier and respin.

1 symbol activates a spin of the money award wheel. 2 symbols activate a spin on the money award and the multiplier wheels. 3 symbols will activate a spin on all wheels including the respin wheel.

The spin for each wheel in the Fox Wheel will be activated again if respin is won on the respin wheel. Money award wheel contains jackpot awards: Mini, Midi and Foxpot.

Jackpot and money award values are dependent on the bet and displayed on the game screen. The Fox Wheel bonus game is played at the triggering bet.