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Big Hits Blazinator JK

Big Hits Blazinator is a 6-reel, 50-line online video reel game. The base game contains a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The game includes a ‘Big Bonus Free Spins’ feature and a ‘Lucksome Locks’ feature.

Big Bonus Free Spins

Big Bonus Free Spins always starts with 1 Big Hit.

A Big Hit is defined as when the player achieves a win equal to or above the Big Hit Level in a single Free Spin.

The number of Big Hits is displayed on the Big Hit Meter above the reels and decrements by 1 each time the player achieves a Big Hit in a single spin.

In Big Bonus Free Spins, any Wild symbols that land on the reels are held in place for the remainder of the feature.

In Big Bonus Free Spins, any Bonus Scatter symbol that lands on the reels can remain as a Red Fireball or randomly reveal a Blue Fireball.

Any Red Fireball in view will increase the Big Hit Level up to 3 tiers. If it appears under the Wild symbol, it will also increase the Wild's current multiplier value by x1.

Wild Multipliers in the same winning combination are multiplicative.

Any Blue Fireball in view will increase the number of Big Hits on the Big Hits Meter by 1.

The Maximum Big Hit Level is x1000. The Maximum number of Big Hits allowed in Free Spins round is 5. When reached, only Red fireballs will appear on the reels but they won't increase the Big Hit Level.

Free Spins ends when the Big Hit Meter reaches 0.

Jackpot King

As an added bonus, Big Hits Blazinator is fully compatible with the Jackpot King progressive jackpots system, enhancing the excitement and offering players the chance to win even bigger rewards.

You can trigger the jackpot on any spin.