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2X 3X Rush

Enter the vibrant world of 2X 3X Rush, a 3x4 slot that transforms traditional gameplay with multipliers on all four reels.

This engaging game features 5 always-active lines and merges classic slot symbols with an innovative reelplay area.

The excitement is amplified by the Multiplier Feature, where Wild 2X and 3X symbols significantly boost payouts on the reels.

Multiplier Feature

The game’s Multiplier Feature brings Wild 2X symbols to reels 1 and 4, and Wild 3X symbols to reels 2 and 3.

Wins are doubled or tripled with single 2X and 3X symbols, respectively, and even more with combinations, leading up to a top jackpot for landing 2 2X and 2 3X symbols on a payline.

Free Games

In the Free Games round, initially triggered by 3 or more Bonus symbols, players frequently experience the thrill of re-triggering the feature with just 2 Bonus symbols.

This opportunity adds a layer of excitement to the feature, as well as the gameplay.