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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Video Poker Live

Based on the hugely popular TV show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Poker Live throws you into the heart of the action.

Take a seat and see how you fare in the hit TV show!

How to Play

Game Flow

If a game round is in progress when the player enters the table, they need to wait for the next one, and then, place the bets.

To place a bet, the player must select the Video Poker paytable, number of hands, and Bet per Hand; then enable the Millionaire game if they want to participate.

First, the Video Poker paytable must be selected: once the player has made their choice, the rules of this Video Poker paytable will be applied to the game round.

After the No More Bets signal, the Video Poker game starts.

Video Poker

The live dealer deals the initial five cards face up one by one; the player can choose up to five to Hold. The player’s choice of cards to Hold extends to the main and all virtual hands.

After the Hold time ends, the dealer deals the next five cards face up one by one. The winning combination (if any) is determined, and its Multiplier is shown.

Then, cards are automatically dealt to all virtual hands. Virtual hands are resolved one by one.

After all virtual hands have been resolved, the total win in the Video Poker game is shown on the screen.


If a Millionaire bet is placed in the betting round, the four highest cards are selected from the ten cards dealt by the dealer. If the combination matches one of the Millionaire game combinations, the Millionaire game is triggered (see the Millionaire Game section for more info).

After the Millionaire game ends, the player is shown their Millionaire wins and then total wins.

Winnings are paid for the winning bets at the end of each game round.

Cards for each virtual hand are dealt face down at the same time.

If the player has yet to select cards for Hold in the allotted time, all cards dealt to the player in this deal will be replaced in the next deal.


Throughout the game, some of the Lifelines may be automatically triggered. The options are:

  • 50:50 - automatically removes 2 smallest multipliers
  • Ask the Audience - displays the answers as bar chart as if an audience had voted for them, and automatically selects the answer with the highest multiplier. Note: there is no audience, the info comes from the game Server.
  • Ask the Host - the host can remove answers with lower multipliers. The higher the level, the less answers the host can remove. Although the host activates the lifeline in the Dealer Application, the actual info about how many and which Multipliers are removed comes from the game Server.