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Who Wants to be a Millionaire Roulette

Game Flow

If a game round is in progress when a player enters the table, they must wait for the next round before they can place their bets.

To place a bet, they choose a chip and place it on betting position(s).

Players can put several chips on different betting positions simultaneously using the RacetrackSpecial Bets or My Bets menus.

After the betting time, the wheel is spun, and the ball is launched to the wheel.

Next, 1-5 or 10 random Millionaire Numbers are revealed and displayed. Each number shows an icon to indicate which Millionaire Game is triggered when the corresponding number comes up. Options are:

  • An icon with a Millionaire Logo, which initiates the Millionaire Round.
  • An icon showing “x100”, which awards player’s Eligible Bet the x100 Multiplier.
  • An icon showing the Question Mark “?”, whereafter the player can choose to either play the Millionaire Round or get either x50 or x100 Multiplier, depending on the option.

All players who placed a Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner/Basket or Line bet on a Millionaire Number will participate in the Millionaire Game indicated by the symbol on the Millionaire Number.

If a player did not place an Eligible bet on the winning Millionaire Number, or they entered the game after the betting time was over, they become a watcher.

The ball comes to a stop, the round results are announced. If the result was one of the Millionaire Numbers, the game proceeds to resolve the Millionaire Game. Winnings are paid for the winning bets at the end of each game round.

Chips won are automatically removed, unless the service provider has enabled the leave winning chips on the table option, and player has switched it on in the game settings.

A turn is skipped if no bets were placed on the table.


Throughout the game, some of the Lifelines may be automatically triggered. The options are:

  • 50:50 - automatically removes 2 smallest multipliers
  • Ask the Audience - displays the answers as bar chart as if an audience had voted for them, and automatically selects the answer with the highest multiplier. Note: there is no audience, the info comes from the game Server.
  • Ask the Host - the host can remove answers with lower multipliers. The higher the level, the less answers the host can remove. Although the host activates the lifeline in the Dealer Application, the actual info about how many and which Multipliers are removed comes from the game Server.