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Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Live

Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball is an exciting combination of a ball draw game and the highly entertaining Mega Fire Blaze brand of bonus game, hosted by our talented live presenters!

The objective of the game is to collect as many balls that match the numbers in your card to make the lines, as well as marking the Lucky ball numbers on bonus positions to unlock one or more Mega Fire Blaze bonus games.

All together, 20 balls are live drawn from a physical machine. Each matching number is marked in red on the main game and bonus cards.

To make a line on a main game card, four numbers in any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line should be marked.

Each Lucky Ball number on a line enhances the payout.

Lucky Ball Phase

Once betting is closed, RNG determines 11 numbers out of 60 to be Lucky Balls. All 11 of these numbers are populated to the bonus cards. Also all Lucky Ball numbers are indicated with a fire circle on all cards (main game and bonus).

Each Lucky Ball that is part of a line on a main game card enhances the line payout.

Each Lucky Ball marked on a bonus card brings you closer to the bonus game being triggered.

Also, while each bonus game requires several Lucky Balls to be drawn for it to be played, the game sometimes awards a “Free Ball” on Major or Grand games. This Free Ball is marked red without the ball having to be drawn, meaning you have a greater chance of that game being triggered that round.

Ball Drawing Phase

Once all the Lucky Balls are determined for the current round, 20 balls are randomly drawn from the ball machine chamber one by one. Each matching number is marked in red on the main game and bonus cards.

Completed lines give you a payout. If there is a Lucky Ball on the line, its payout is boosted. More Lucky Balls mean bigger payouts (please refer to “Return to player and line payouts” section).

Sometimes you may be only one number away from completing a line or triggering a bonus game; in such cases the needed number is shown in blue. However, such number still needs to be drawn from the machine and marked red.

Mega Fire Blaze Bonus Game

During the Bonus phase, the game grid is displayed. Depending on the bonus level, the number of segments in this grid is different (two, four or six segments). Each segment contains two 3-slot columns. All the grid segment slots are empty at the beginning of the bonus.

During the bonus, players see random multipliers (“slots’ multipliers”) spin into empty slots on the game grid. Sometimes, if a segment is fully filled with multipliers, a special segment multiplier becomes available and increases all the multipliers in those slots.

Some segments may be associated with Star multipliers. There are (four) Star multipliers in the bonus, granting different multipliers: × 10, × 20, × 50, × 100.

If the Star multiplier is revealed, the Start multiplier is added to the Bonus total multiplier. However, it does not boost the slots multipliers in the associated segment.

During the bonus, you will see the Total Multiplier constantly update on the screen.

  • Total Multiplier = all slots’ multipliers added together + Star multiplier (if applicable).

The Total Multiplier is applied only on the eligible bet that you placed on the Mega Fire Blaze Bonus.

When the Bonus is over, you will see the actual win amount updated in the Total Win field.

The bonus Total Win is calculated using the following formula: Mega Fire Blaze bet × Total Multiplier = Total Win. In the user interface, the chip value below the respective bet type represents the Mega Fire Blaze bet.