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Deal or No Deal The Big Draw

Key Features

Bankers offer – the aim is to get to the bankers offer where you can swap your box or decline and open your box for the prize within.

Mini Draw Game – purchase up to 20 numbered cards and try to get complete lines on each card to get cash prizes.


How To Play?

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The objective of this game is to collect as many balls that match the numbers on your purchased ticket, whilst retaining as many big prizes as possible!

The 35 balls are drawn – 20 during the initial draw, plus 5 during the 3 additional game rounds. Each ball that matches the number on your ticket progresses you along the multiplier bar towards unlocking the Banker’s Offer Feature!

When all the balls have been drawn from the machine, the final round begins, you will receive the bankers final offer, which they call then take or reject.

The final round also presents you with the case switch option: you can swap any case still left on your ticket with one that had been assigned to you in the beginning of the game and claim the prize inside!

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