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Bucharest French Roulette

Welcome to French Roulette!

Try your hand at beating the croupiers and bring yourself into the heart of the action!

Roulette Lounge French has all the features that you’re used to – apart from the language!

But never fear, the only two phrases you need to know are:

  • En Prison rule: It means “in jail”. In this case, your money is not lost and your bet stays (“is jailed” so to speak) on the same outside bet for the next spin. If zero comes a second consecutive time you lose your bet. Otherwise the bet wins or loses as it would normally do.
  • La Partage rule: It means splitting. In this case you lose half your bet. The rest half is returned to you and you can bet normally in the next spin.

No matter which rule is in effect, the benefit for the player is mathematically the same, so En Prison and La Partage are equally beneficial to the player!