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Blackjack Soirée 1

All the inimitable excitement of a live casino. High-roller heaven, from one of the world’s leading industry brands – Betfred.

Game Play

The bet amount will be between £100 and £10,000

All the thrills associated with Blackjack apply – and here’s a little reminder of those timeless basics

The Essentials

Select your stake and the live dealers will deliver your two cards. It’s down to you to stick or twist, and see if you can beat the dealer!

You’ll be dealt two cards - and the dealer will wait for you to hit, or stand. The aim of the game is to get as close to ’21 Blackjack’ as possible, without going over and ending up bust.

Select ‘Hit’ to be given another card, or ‘Stand’ to stick with the cards you have.

If you are closer to 21 than the dealer, or if the dealer goes bust, you win double your stake!

If the dealer beats your final hand, then the house wins.