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Bet On Baccarat

We offer eight deck Live Baccarat with a live dealer and a real Baccarat table.

We use standard Baccarat rules. The goal is to predict which side will win, the Banker or the Player, or if the result will be a Tie.

There are also several additional bets available.

Game Flow

When the game round starts, you and the Banker are dealt cards in the following order: first card to the Player, second card to the Banker, third card the Player, fourth card to the Banker. In certain cases, a third card is dealt to the Player and/or the Banker.

Card values are calculated and the hand with the sum closest to 9 wins.

Bet Types

If the Banker’s hand score is closer to 9 than the Player’s, it wins, and vice versa.

The Tie wins if both sides’ hand scores are equal.

The Player Pair, Banker Pair and Either Pair bets win if the first two cards drawn form a pair on the respective position.

The Perfect Pairs bet wins if the first two Player or Banker cards form a pair of the same suit, for example a pair of 7 of Diamonds.

The Big bet wins if the total number of cards dealt between Player and Banker is 5 or 6.

The Small bet wins if the total number of cards dealt between Player and Banker is 4.

Egalite Extra Bet - This allows you to bet that the Player and Banker hands will form a specific Tie with an equal score. Your bet wins if the hands result in a Tie of the same specific score. If the result of the hand is not a Tie, all Egalite Extra bets are lost.