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Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

Place your bets – on the Number bet positions, which automatically includes you in the main game and the Mystery sector bonus games.

If you’ve wagered on the Magic Dice bet position, or placed a bet on either the 2 Wonderspins or 5 Wonderspins bet positions, even more fun is coming your way.

Time to Spin!

After all bets are made, the main wheel is spun ...

  • If the result is 1, 2, 5, or 10, the round result is announced, and the game round is ended
  • If the result is 2 Wonderspins or 5 Wonderspins, all players with active Wonderspins bet(s) enter the bonus wheel round
  • If the result is the Mystery sector, a bonus game begins

It can be one of two different games, and the specific bonus game is randomly selected at the beginning of the Mystery bonus game.

Wonderspins Bonus round

When the Wonderspins sector comes up, the game switches to the Wonderland side, where players can see the bonus wheel in all its glory!

First, the inner wheel result is revealed and highlighted on the game screen. Next, a Wonderland character from the outer wheel is revealed by showing its icon on the game screen. Multipliers and additional spins can be yours!

Next, the outer wheel is spun. If it is a character, your Wonderspins bet is multiplied with this character’s multiplier. It may or may not be boosted by the multiplier from the inner wheel spin

If you land in the No Win sector, the number of spins is reduced by one

Find Eat Me or Drink Me and 30% is respectively either added to, or deducted from, the multiplier value that has accumulated during the bonus wheel round spin(s). Thrills – and spills!

Mystery sector bonus games

Card Soldiers’ Mystery Bet Multiplier – pick a multiplier that enhances your total bet 

Caterpillar’s Mystery Free Spin Multiplier – Caterpillar reveals a random multiplier, and the main wheel is spun again. The revealed multiplier enhances the result of the free spin

Magic Dice mini-game

A dice shaker contains two dice – one red, and one white. Choose one – and look to plot your way to the top of your column, where a x100 multiplier could be yours!