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How can we help?

Our dedicated Customer Services team is here to help with any questions you may have.

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New Betfred Website

  • Why does the Betfred site look different than before?
  • Where are my casino Chips / How do I transfer my chips?
  • What are comp points?
  • Have I still got my previous accrued comp points?
  • Where have my previously favourited games gone?
  • What’s happened to my previous jackpot contributions?
  • I was playing a game and reached levels / had tokens - do I still have them?
  • The game I previously liked to play has disappeared?
  • Will you still honour my open bets on the new site?
  • I had Free Bets to use on the old site - can I still use them?
  • How do I see the T&Cs on my Free Bets?
  • Will you still honour my open Lotto bets on the new site?
  • How do I opt into a promotion on Bingo?
  • Can I claim a new customer welcome offer again?
  • Can I see my previous Bet and Transaction history?
  • Are my account details staying the same?
  • Why can I not find Virtual Bingo?
  • Why can I not find Fred's Numbers Game?
  • Why can I not find My Race Card Builder & Racing Post Bet Finder?
  • Where can I find the Shop Locator?
  • What Safer Gambling tools are available?
  • How do I access the Safer Gambling tools?