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How can we help?

Our dedicated Customer Services team is here to help with any questions you may have.

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  • When will CashOut be available to me?
  • If CashOut is available when will I start to see the potential CashOut amount?
  • How long will the CashOut remain available?
  • How do I take the CashOut amount?
  • Why does the CashOut amount in the confirmation message sometimes differ from the amount displayed in the CashOut Statement?
  • What happens if the information used to calculate the CashOut amount changes between the confirmation message being displayed and my requesting the amount shown?
  • I tried to request the CashOut amount within the 3-second period but it was not successful and the CashOut amount changed.
  • If CashOut is available, when will I start to see the potential CashOut amount?
  • When do I get my money when I use CashOut?
  • Why is CashOut no longer available?