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Wisdom of Athena

Greek Gods descend on the reels to cast their power in Wisdom of Athena.

Played across 5×6 reels, this pay anywhere slot requires at least eight matching symbols to be present anywhere on the reels to trigger a win.

These are then removed from play, triggering a cascade of new symbols to fall from the top of the game board and providing more opportunity to create additional wins. Each tumble created helps to reveal an extra reel.

In the exciting free spins round, multipliers that are landed are held throughout the 10 spins awarded, with the game offering the possibility of more than one multiplier to be added and increasing the amount won.

Here, the game also holds progression towards the unlocked reel throughout all subsequent spins.


Both base game and free game.

Multipliers on the screen are added up together.

Accumulative at free game. At the end of free spin (including tumbling session) the multipliers on the screen are added to the Outer Multiplier.

Every free spin at the end of the tumbling session is awarded by win multiplied with Outer Multiplier.

Unlocking cells

Both base game and free game start with the fully locked first row.

Unlocked positions remain unlocked for the whole free game.

  • Need 1 Tumble for unlocking Reel 1 top position.
  • Need 3 more Tumble for unlocking Reel 2 top position.
  • Need 6 more Tumble for unlocking Reel 3 top position.
  • Need 9 more Tumble for unlocking Reel 4 top position.
  • Need 12 more Tumble for unlocking Reel 5 top position.
  • Need 15 more Tumble for unlocking Reel 6 top position.