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Western Gold

Line up 3 or more of the same icons to collect.

The Symbols Storage feature

When a successful spin is achieved, the top symbol goes into Symbol Storage.

When 3 have been achieved, Symbol Storage is full – and the following happens; Superspins!

    • If the storage is filled with three different symbols, a Silver Superspin is rewarded. The reels spin once, and the grid has only those three icons.
    • With two similar and one non-matching symbol involved, a Gold Superspin is activated, hosting just two types of icons on the rows.
    • Finally, a Win Big Superspin is awarded when the storage has three similar symbols. The grid fills with matching pictures, and a win up to 90x the bet is awarded.

Wild Symbol

It’s a big ‘W’ !!


If there are empty positions in your Symbol Storage after a win you’ll get a re-spin. The re-spins end either if your symbol storage is full or no additional win is awarded.