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Play Vikings Fight For Honour

In Vikings: Fight For Honour, you are invited to board on a Long Ship to travel back in time to Viking Age era and embark on an adventurous voyage, accompanied by the Viking heroes with blessings from ancient Norse deities including Odin and Thor, into a world of unknowns and intriguing rewards.

You can play this slot on any of your favourite devices, for a minimum stake of £0.20.


Blazing Shards

Land a Blazing Shard for a chance to increase your win!

Thor's Blazing Shard awards 1x - 5x bet.

Odin's Blazing Shard awards 6x - 15x bet.

Ragnarok Blazing Shard awards 20x - 50x bet.

When a Collect symbol lands on reel 5, the total value of all the Blazing Shards on the reels is awarded.

Collect Symbol

A Collect symbol has a multiplier of 1x - 5x.

The multiplier is applied to the total value of all Blazing Shards on reels.

Battle Bonus Game

Each Blazing Shard collected to the Viking's Skal of the same colour above the reels.

Every time a shard is collected there is a chance for the Battle Bonus Game to be triggered.

There are 3 bonus games: Thor's Battle, Odin's Battle, and Fight For Honour.

Battle Bonus Game Symbols

Bonus symbols are Blazing Shards, Ragnar Multiplier, Ingrid Extra Spin and Mystery symbols.

Ragnar Multiplier symbols include a 1x - 5x multiplier.

Ingrid Extra Spin symbol increases the reset value of the spins by 1.

The Mystery symbol reveals Ragnar, Ingrid or Blazing Shard symbol.

Jackpots: Mini, Major, Grand

The Mini Jackpot is awarded when 10 Blazing Shards land on the reels in any bonus game.

The Mini Jackpot award is 10x bet.

The Major Jackpot is awarded when 15 Blazing Shards land on the reels in any bonus game.

The Major Jackpot award is 50x bet.

The Grand Jackpot is awarded when 20 Blazing Shards land on the reels in any bonus game.

The Grand Jackpot award is 20000x bet.