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Sugar Supreme Powernudge

Give your sweet tooth another treat with Sugar Supreme Powernudge.

This candy-filled release includes a cluster pay mechanic, awarding players when at least five identical symbols land on the 6x6 grid during the same spin. Hitting a maximum cluster of over 15 symbols will pay out a win worth up to 100 times the original bet.

The thrilling Powernudge mechanic may randomly trigger when a winning cluster lands during the base game. The feature sees reels that contain at least one winning symbol nudged down, with another symbol appearing at the top of the grid and the game paying out again for any new winning combinations.

Winning positions gain a multiplier during this feature, starting at x1 and increasing by +1 with each subsequent winning symbol that lands on that position during a Powernudge.

Powernudge mechanics

Whenever a winning combination hits, the win is paid.

Reels that contain at least one winning symbol automatically nudge down one spot to reveal another symbol from top, and the game pays again for all winning combinations on screen.

Overlay multiplier

Each position (36 positions) have a overlay multiplier value, initially multiplier value is 0.

Whenever a winning combination hits, First pay the payout with multiplying (multiplier value should be >0 then only award win by multiplier) by summation of winning position overlay multipliers then increase the multiplier value by 1.

Free Spins

3 scatters awards 10 free spins

4 scatters awards 12 free spins

5 scatters awards 15 free spins

6 scatters awards 20 free spins

Whenever winning combination hits then always Powernudge happens. Overlay multipliers will not reset during free spins.

3 or more than 3 scatter in scatter bar award 10 extra free spins.

In each free spin, scatter bar reset.