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Shadow Raiders Multimax

The Shadow Raiders were a fearsome crew, known for their ruthless tactics and insatiable greed for gold.

Led by their undead captain, they sailed the seven seas in search of new victims, striking fear into the heats of all who crossed their path.

Game Features

Dropdown Feature

The Dropdown feature removes winning symbols from the board whenever they land. A wild symbol is placed in one of the empty spaces, while a symbol drop fills the rest.

This procedure repeats consecutively, only stopping when no new win is created.


Above the main reels, a line of skulls represents a multiplier row. Each Dropdown win adds +1 to the reel multiplier – which resets after losing spins or dropdowns in the base game.

Booty Bomb

As part of the Dropdown feature, after a wild has been placed in an empty position, the remaining empty spaces may drop Booty Bombs.

Booty Bombs reveal symbols of the same type or cash prizes. If cash prizes appear, their values are multiplied by the reel multiplier.

Raiders Free Spins

Getting through to the bonus round happens when 3 or more bonus symbols land, awarding 8 free spins.

In Raiders Free Spins, the reel multipliers do not reset until the round ends. Before going into free spins, players have the option of gambling to potentially win more spins.

Gambles take place on a wheel divided into red and green segments. Successful gambles award extra free spins.