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Rum & Raiders

Rum and Raiders is Iron Dog Studio’s biggest Hold and Win title yet!

With players setting sail for an intense gaming experience and a veritable pirate’s booty worth of features.

This Hold and Win title plays across a 5x4 board, with a maximum win of 25,000x your stake! During the base game, players will hunt for Skull and Bone Scatters, landing three of which will have them barrelling into the feature packed Hold and Win!

During Hold and Win, players are awarded respins by Iron Dog’s dastardly crew of pirates, each contributing their own feature bonus round.

If players land two scatters, they’re still in luck! As they’re sent to the game’s Broadside Bonus, firing off rounds into a nearby merchant ship to reveal multipliers, and additional ammo.


This bottom-of-the-barrel shooter lands to fire off his pistol at other multipliers, doubling their value.

The Parrot

The parrot squawks to spread the news of victory (and wealth) adding it’s own multiplier value to any others already on the board.

The Captain

Leader of the pack, landing the Captain will cause him to double the value of the highest multiplier on the board.

First Mate

Right hand to the head honcho, the first mate lands with a large multiplier, increasing it further as she collects the value of all other multipliers.


The last of the bunch, Grogboy raises spirits literally and figuratively as he toasts the gang, allowing them to act again.