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Rock the Reels Megaways

If you're ready to rock (with a side of roll) on a Megaways game with a difference, this is the spin for you!


Headbang along to the rockin’ soundtrack whilst playing this 6 reel slot, complete with a top horizontal reel.

The beast band members will take turns in the spotlight, starring at centre stage as they launch you in to riches with their metal music, granting you brilliant bonuses as you spin!

Bonus Features

Freddie Roar, the legendary lion-haired lead singer of the pride, turns symbols into multiplier wilds, which soar during your free spins!

Treble, the flamingo on lead guitar can’t resist the spotlight for too long. With one pluck from her axe, she turns the symbols into the highest paying ones.

Prepare for a ferocious visit from Dirty Axel and his bass guitar, as he plays your symbols into wilds, without his band of beastly performers!

Last, is Ozzy Eight-Hands using his tentacles to spread the symbols from the first reel throughout the board, whilst also being able to lay down beats on the drum!

The Bonus Upgrader

A new feature which has the ability to buy free spins with a higher frequency of the game features, which in 'Rock The Reels Megaways' are the amazing band members.