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Rock Paper Scissors Draw

AD LUNAM brings to life the classic Rock Paper Scissors game with a more modern twist that promises to keep every player engaged!

  • We’re redefining a classic arcade mechanic, delivering an electrifying fusion of tradition and innovation
  • Players place their bet (rock, paper, or scissors) and are matched up against the computer
  • If they draw, they proceed to the next round & increase their winning multiplier
  • If the round ends in a win their stake is multiplied by an x amount depending on the round; soaring from 1.5x to 100x!
  • But that’s not all! Rock Paper Scissors DRAW! invites players to sharpen their tactics and anticipation skills as the stakes rise on each round
  • If they draw enough times in a row, they’ll win even if they lose!
  • From rounds four to six, stakes get a 3x boost on losses, and from rounds seven to nine, they skyrocket to 10x!
  • With interactive gameplay designed to increase player investment, Rock Paper Scissors DRAW! promises rounds of excitement and anticipation with every single bet