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Road Rage

No one likes a traffic jam, and this one has five!

Make sure you’ve had your morning coffee, because this slot puts the ‘rush’ into rush hour traffic.

Anger management classes won’t help you here - you’re in for the ride of your life!

You can play on your favourite devices!


Wild Cars

Beep Beep! All cars are Wilds and have different features depending on the car’s colour;

  • The Yellow Car / Engine Breakdown increases all other symbol sizes by one on the same reel.
  • The Red Car / Drive By drives from right to left, and increases the symbol multiplier by 1 for all the symbols it drives over. Red Cars leave a Wild where it started and stops.
  • The Green Car/Drive-By does the same as the Red Car, however it drives from left to right, the opposite direction, instead.

Colliding Cars add the multipliers of both cars and the result multiplier is displayed on the Colliding Wild.

Morning Rush, City Mayh3m and H1ghway Jam

Get of the road!

3 Scatters trigger Morning Rush - 4 Scatters trigger H1ghway Jam, and 5 trigger City Mayh3m.

Landing 1 or 2 Scatters in Morning Rush will upgrade the bonus mode to City Mayh3m and H1ghway Jam respectively.

During the bonus modes, 1/2/3 of the Wild Cars will be selected and will act as a sticky Wild at their stop position during the bonus mode.

Rage Buff

Where did you get your license from, a cereal box?!

Before each bonus mode starts, the Rage Buff will activate and decide additional spins and multipliers that applies to the Wild Cars during the bonus round.

The Wild Cars will land on the last reel and move horizontally through the reels and can take the effect of the road sign symbol it passes.

The available road sign symbols are: Stop, Turn, Freespin, Car, Speed-Bump and Dice.

The Wild Cars will follow the road signs and adapt accordingly!