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Riptide Pirates™️

  • 5 reel 4 row video slot game
  • The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols land in different combinations
  • Winning combinations are highlighted on the reels and a payout is awarded
  • Wild symbols can substitute for all symbols except Riptide symbols and Pirates Bonus symbols
  • Wild symbols can create their own winning combination when landing in a payline combination

Pirates Bonus

  • Land 3 Pirates Bonus symbols on reels
  • During the feature, the board transforms into the 10 x 10 grid of sea with ships and other prizes in it
  • The Bonus Booster consists of 4 cannons, and the first cannon is always unlocked
  • Any Pirates Bonus symbols that land increase the Bonus Booster progress bar


  • Land Riptide symbols and fill in at least one Riptide collection assigned to reels
  • Each time a Riptide symbol lands, it is added to the collection for that reel
  • Each reel requires a different number of symbols to complete the collection
  • Reel 1 collection consists of 1 element
  • Reel 2 collection consists of 2 elements
  • Reel 3 collection consists of 3 elements
  • Reel 4 collection consists of 4 elements
  • Reel 5 collection consists of 5 elements
  • A full Riptide collection awards a Riptide Wild Stack on the next spin of that reel
  • Every Riptide Wild Stack moves by one reel to the left with each spin
  • Each symbol in a Riptide Wild Stack is a Wild symbol
  • This symbol substitutes for other symbols except Riptide symbol and Pirates Bonus symbol
  • When a Riptide Wild Stack is awarded on a reel occupied by a Riptide Wild Stack without multiplier, a 2x multiplier is instead added to the existing stack
  • When a Riptide Wild Stack is awarded on a reel occupied by a Riptide Wild Stack with multiplier, the multiplier is instead increased by 1 on the existing stack
  • Maximum possible multiplier value is 5x