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Regal Riches

Spin for kingly rewards in Regal Riches!

It’s a wealth of Wilds in this slot game that offers 30 paylines and the Guaranteed Wilds feature, which may trigger during any base game spin.

Build your treasure trove as the Progressive Wilds meters store wilds for both the Guaranteed Wilds feature in the base game and the Major Free Spins Bonus.

Trigger the Mega Free Spins Bonus to earn 88 Guaranteed Wilds over 10 free spins!

Guaranteed Wild Feature

Can be triggered randomly on any base game spin that doesn't trigger free spins or have a wild.

Amount of Wilds that to be awarded is shown in the blue Base Game meter.

When the feature is triggered, the number of Wilds accumulated in the Base Game meter are placed on the reels during a single spin.

As the reels spin, the Wilds are "stamped" onto their positions on the reels. If the same symbol position is stamped multiple times, then the Wild gains an additional 1x multiplier for each, up to a maximum of 5x.

Any wins using a Wild with a multiplier are multiplied by the relevant value.

After it is triggered, the base game meter resets to its default minimum number (5).

The chance of the Guaranteed Wild feature triggering increases as the number of wilds in the base game meter increases, up to 15 wilds.

Progressive Wilds Feature

3 Progressive Wild meters in the base game.

  • Base game meter (blue)
  • Major free spins meter (green)
  • Mega free spins meter (gold)

All meters start with a default minimum amount:

  • Base – 5 Wilds, capped at 50 wilds
  • Major – 40 Wilds, capped at 100 wilds
  • Mega – 88 Wilds, fixed

When the same coloured Gem symbol appears on the reels, the relevant meter increases by 1 (except Mega meter). After the gem has raised the meter, it transforms into a Wild.

Mega/Major Free Spins Bonus

The bonus is triggered when 2 generic Free Spins symbols land on reels 1-4 and a specific Free Spins symbol lands on reel 5.

A Gold Free Spins Symbol triggers the Mega Free Spins Bonus.

A Green Free Spins Symbol triggers the Major Free Spins Bonus.

Alternatively, the Major Free Spins Bonus can be triggered if 100 Wilds are accumulated.

During each free spin, 1 or more symbol positions might be transformed into a Wild.

  • The number of Wilds accumulated for that Free Spins bonus is positioned on the reels throughout the 10 free spins.
  • This is shown by a giant Wild symbol stamping down onto the reels on each free spin.
  • The symbol where the stamp lands is transformed into a Wild.
  • If the stamp lands on a symbol that is already a Wild, then that Wild gains an additional 1x multiplier attached to it (up to a maximum of 5x).

The Wilds that are created on each free spin are cleared when the reels spin.

The Free Spins Bonuses cannot be retriggered