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Ra's Legend

Embark on a journey to ancient Egypt where the sacred sun god RA is all-powerful. He may appear as Sacred Wilds which lock onto the reels, or to offer generous Gift of Ra instant wins, or to invite you to collect huge multipliers in the gilded House of Ra!

Generous reel wins may be interrupted by appearances from Ra himself, as Sacred Wilds locking onto the reels or offering huge instant wins or one of the awesome features.

Reels of Gold

Ra banishes the low-paying symbols from the reels, leaving it full of only the highest-paying, golden symbols for the chance of big reel wins!

Gift of Ra

Ra may appear at any time and award the Gift of Ra, a generous stake multiplier which can pay anything up to the maximum 1000x bet!

Wheel Bonus

Ra invites you to spin the mighty Wheel Bonus for huge stake multipliers. But once is rarely enough for the generous Ra. He may invite you to spin again, and again, and again!

House of Ra

The ultimate honour is to be invited to enter the House of Ra. Once inside, select from the golden tiles to navigate your path to collect stake multipliers including the huge 800x at the very top!