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Raging Pop

Enter the turmoil of the deep savannah and trample all in your way with the herd of Raging Rhinos, who find their way to riches of the desolate land without a care for other beasts in the realm!

Try your fortune with exciting, multi–stage Gamble that lets you enter a powerful Bonus Round with up to 30 Free Spins!

Use the power of the Wild symbol to win big wins and count on the Raging Reels to expand, giving more Win Ways as well as a chance for a mighty multiplier, up to x500 for the spin!

You can play on any of your favourite platforms!

Raging Reels

Every time a player spins the reels there is a chance to trigger the Raging Reel feature.

This activates the Rhinos charge through the screen, raising various possible Multipliers to be added for the duration of the next spin round, as well as expands all reels by one or two symbols heights.

This feature works both in Base Game and during Bonus Round. Maximum multiplier is a raging X500!

Multi-Stage Gamble

A spin on the classic Gamble Wheel, this time allows the player to gamble multiple times for the increasing rewards in form of Free Spins, with up to 30 Free Spins to be won!

In addition, on any stage but the first, if a player lose gamble instead of losing all gained Free Spins they will still enter the Bonus Rounds with a smaller number of spins.

PopWins Feature

Winning symbols ‘Pop’ and 2 new symbols appear in their place.

Each reel can reach a maximum of up to the 6 symbols in the base game and 7 in Free Spins PopWins ends when there are no more wins in the panel PopWins are played with the same bet as the base game.