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Rabbit Garden

This 7×7 slot is filled with rabbit, fox and wheelbarrow symbols, among others, with five of these needing to be adjacent to each other to form a winning cluster.

These are then removed from play with a cascade of new symbols falling from the top of the grid and filling their position.

Across the reels, varying patterns of coins are also present and wins created adjacent to these, award the coin’s displayed multiplier and are key to unlocking the title’s big win potential.

In the free spins round there are five levels to unlock with each level awarding a retrigger of five additional spins. Players will try to hit all the coins to upgrade to the next level, with each upgrade also growing the bonuses multiplier, which can climb as high as 10x.

Free Games

4 or more than 4 scatter triggers the Free game feature.

Initially game starts with Level 1 and 5 free spins are awarded.

In 1st spin, 4 Coin Pattern appear on the screen. In 2nd spin, 6 Coin Pattern appear on the screen. In 3rd spin, 8 Coin Pattern appear on the screen. In 4th spin, 10 Coin Pattern appear on the screen. In 5th spin, 12 Coin Pattern appear on the screen.

There is a Multiplier of 1x in level1, all wins will be awarded by multiplying with Multiplier.

There are 5 Levels in Free game, there will be no retrigger after Level 5.