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Pirots 2

The success of the Pirots show lasted well over 10 000 days before their fuel ran out. Eager to recharge their feathers, the Pirots went on full recon and identified what seemed to be some barrels of sweet rum in an unknown location not too far away.

Pirots 2 is a 6×6 teethy slot that comes with the CollectR mechanic, an expanding game grid, symbol upgrades, symbol transformations, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game as well as a super bonus game – all packed into a potential 10,000x bet.

Symbol Collection

The birds move and collect amber symbols of their own colour to generate wins as well as feature symbols. All collected amber symbols count in the feature meter. A full meter awards three chests filled with random feature symbols.

The amber symbols can upgrade up to 7 times, increasing the payout at each step.

Game Features

Bonus Game

Three bonus symbols collected during a game round trigger the bonus. The grid size, the progress on the feature meter, the payout level of the amber symbols, and the collection of additional bonus symbols are all persistent during the bonus game.

Feature Symbols

There are eight different feature symbols ranging from instant coin wins, symbol upgrades, wilds, game grid expansions, redrops, symbol transformations, popcorn and bonus symbols.


A collected popcorn symbol fills empty symbol positions with popcorn allowing the birds to cross empty spaces one time each to reach additional symbols.


X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 3x bet with more than three times the chance to trigger the Bonus, to a 500x bet Super Bonus where both multipliers and instant pay symbols are progressive and sticky.