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Piggy Pop

PiggyPop let you go hog wild on the vast riches stored in the fabled piggy bank!

Mingle through the lthy rich swines, partake in that lounge of marble and gold and catch the elusive Golden Pigs for high payouts.

Unlocking the game takes you to Unlimited Free Spins, where every win resets the counter and gives you every chance on reaching a golden winning streak.

And during Free Spins the Golden Pigs really shine, as their value grows and grows with each one appearing on the reels - only to double if all reels are unlocked.

So jump into the glitzy splendour of pig-themed opulence!

Bonus Features

Unlimited Free Spins

Unlimited Free Spins always have 3 spins.

Whenever a spin is a win, the counter resets back to 3. Free Spins play out automatically and ends if the counter empties out (reaches 0) where the lights on the counter indicate the number of spins left.

Free Spins start with an x2 multiplier.

The progress of unlocking the reels in Free Spins does not fully reset between each spin. The progress is only reset down to the shortest reel.

Golden Pigs Symbols

During Free Spins Golden Pig Symbols display a multiplier value that is equal to the number of Golden Pig symbols across all reels.

When a player wins on the Golden Pigs, their value is multiplied by this number. When Free Spins reels are fully unlocked, this value is doubled.


Winning symbols 'Pop' and 2 new symbols appear in their place Each reel can reach a maximum up to the 6 symbols in base game and 8 in Free Spins.

PopWins ends when there are no more wins in the panel PopWins are played with the same bet as the base game.