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Piggy Bank Bills

Crack the safe in Piggy Bank Bills, and match the two halves of the same bill to get your hands on the displayed value!

Activate the Free Spins where random multipliers of up to 3x can land on standard symbols, increasing the player’s win!

Free Games Features

Starts if at least one pair of scatters form a banknote.

Maximum there can be 3 pairs of scatters, they don’t affect the amount of free spins, it is always 8.

There is no retrigger in free game.

Each symbol that is not a wild, can have a multiplier overlay. If 2 symbols form a banknote, the payment is multiplied by the multiplier overlays on those 2 symbols.

Multipliers also multiply each other, 2x and 3x multipliers will give a total 6x.

Piggy Features

  • Piggy Bonus – During the reel spin, Piggy can randomly appear giving the player a chance to win the Free Spins bonus!
  • Piggy Win – After the reels stop, Piggy can randomly appear transforming two or more losing symbols on the screen into winning combinations.
  • Piggy Wilds – During the reel spin, Piggy can randomly appear and put 2, 3 or 4 wilds on the screen.