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Piggy Bandits

Get ready to join the piggie outlaws and sneak your way to big wins with Piggy Bandits, the snout-standing sensation set to hog all the attention in the iGaming world!

Step into Inspired’s growing pig-tastic universe and experience this “three bag” pseudo progression slot, that’ll have players squealing with delight! With a reel configuration of 5×4, Piggy Bandits has a thrilling 1024 Ways to win big!

Landing at least one of the three Piggies on the first reel, in the base game can unleash a barnyard bonanza of Bonus games for linked coins, including Coin Boosts, Coin Multipliers, and Respins. Coins that land on reel five have higher values and can activate Bonus Pots as well as Free Games.

Free Games can also be triggered by three or more Bonus symbols landing on adjacent reels from reel one. In Free Games any piggy landing will always activate a Bonus.

Fortune Bet boosts a player’s chance of bonus entry guaranteeing Piggie activation in Free Spins.

Coin Symbol

Coin Symbols have values shown on them.

Monetary values are proportionate to the base game stake with the values on the reels varying in range.

Additionally on reel five, the coins may have the number of Free Games shown ranging from four to 12 Free Games.

During Respins, the values on the coins on reel five are pot names whose values correspond to the amounts shown on the screen.

  • The Mini pot has a value of (£/€/$) 10.00.
  • The Minor pot has a value of (£/€/$) 40.00.
  • The Major pot has a value of (£/€/$) 100.00.
  • The Mega pot has a value of (£/€/$) 400.00.

Piggie Features

When any combination of piggy symbols appear on reel one, there is a chance of the feature upgrade being awarded if valid coins are present.

The upgrade is guaranteed in Respins and Free Games.

Coins are valid if there is at least one coin on reel two. Then all coins from reel two and further reels that contain at least one coin are valid until a reel doesn’t contain a coin.

No coins are valid for that reel and subsequent ones.

If the feature upgrade is not awarded, the sum of the valid cash value coins is awarded.

If there is a valid Free Games coin on reel five, the total number of Free Games shown is awarded and the Free Games bonus begins.

If the feature upgrade is awarded, the features associated with all piggies on reel one, are awarded.

Jackpot Respin Piggy

If the feature upgrade is awarded, it triggers a respin sequence.

If either of the other piggies are also present on reel one, their upgrade value is awarded. Then reel one is locked and reels two to five respin.

If there are now valid coins on reels two to five (at least one on reel two and then other reels consecutively until no coins are present on a reel) then any upgrades from other piggies on reel one are awarded and the total valid coins are awarded.

The respin process continues until there is no coin on reel two, at which point the Jackpot Respin feature ends. Coins on reel five contain pot names during the respin sequence. Their values are not subject to boost or multipliers.

During respin features, other piggies present on reel one, are guaranteed to award their upgrade.

It is not possible to trigger additional features that are not present at the start of the Jackpot Respin feature. Jackpot Respin reels are used during this feature.

Free Spins

The Free Games feature is triggered when there are three or more Free Games symbols on consecutive reels starting from reel one, or if there are valid Free Games coins in reel five.