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Peter Hunter

Dive into a world of magic with charming mermaids in Enchanted Waters!

Escape the everyday routines and find respite in a mermaid cove amidst a tropical paradise.

As the underwater reels are spun, up to four mermaids may join in on the last reel, granting Respins with a unique enchantment features which can be mixed together for powerful, big-winning combos!

You can take the Mermaids’ Enchantments for a spin during the unforgettable Free Spins mode, where Enchantment lasts for the entire Free Spins session!

Free Spins

On the first, middle and last reels, there are Free Spins symbols.

VIf a player hits all 3 of them at once, they award 10 Free Spins. If they hot 2 Free Spins symbols with any Mermaid Symbols on the last reel, they are granted 10 Free Spins with these Mermaid Symbol Features active for the entire session.

If more Mermaid Symbols land in Free Spins, their features also apply to the rest of the round and the player is awarded an additional Free Spin.

Enchanted Respins

There are 4 different mermaid symbols on the 5th reel – each has a different feature.

  • The Red Mermaid – Removes all low symbols from the reels.
  • The Blue Mermaid – Awards a 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x multiplier. In Free Spins the multiplier is randomlyassigned each spin.
  • The Green Mermaid – Turns the spin into an avalanche spin.
  • The Yellow Mermaid – If a wild lands on the reels, it expands to fill the reel.

The Mermaid Symbols’ Features

Each of the 4 Mermaid Symbols triggers a unique feature.

It can be Avalanche (Winning symbols will be destroyed, giving way for a new cascade of symbols, giving us more chances to win), No Lows (There will be no Low symbols on the reels), Wild Extension (If a Wild symbol lands, it will extend onto the entire reel), Random Multiplier (A random Multiplier will be applied to the wins, up to x25).