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Outback Gold: Hold and Win

G’day, mate!

Search for gold coins that reward you with lucrative respins in Outback Gold: Hold & Win!

When 5 Gold Coin Symbols appear on the reels, the Hold & Win Respins bonus is triggered, which awards respins and cash prizes.

You might even find Platinum Coin Symbols, which add multipliers to the mix for even bigger wins.

Crikey! Is that lightning? Watch for Lightning Links to strike the reels and award a cash prize or trigger the Hold & Win Respins.

Hold & Win Respins

Triggered by 5 or more Gold Coin symbols anywhere in view. Awards 3 respins with all cash values remaining in place.

During Hold & Win Respins, only coin symbols are in play. Every time a new coin symbol lands, the respins reset to 3.

Platinum Multiplier Coin Symbols

  • Any Platinum Coin Symbol that forms the trigger adds a multiplier to the Hold & Win Respins.
  • The starting Multiplier is x1 (to which +1 is added for each Platinum coin triggering the feature).
  • Can also be triggered with 5 Platinum coins or a combination of Gold & Platinum coins.
  • Platinum Coins are not in play during the Hold & Win Respins.

If the respins reach 0, the feature ends and all cash values in view are collected.

Gold Coin Symbol values are random values from 1x to 1000x the bet value.

Possible bet value multipliers during Hold & Win Respins are: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 250x, and 1000x.

Special Coins

Minor, Major, and Grand special coins can land as part of the Hold & Win Respins trigger or during Hold & Win Respins.

  • Minor awards 20x total bet.
  • Major awards 200x total bet.
  • Grand awards 1000x total bet.

Lightning Links

Randomly on any spin, Lightning Links between the reels announce a special win.

Lightning Links can strike the reels and award either a Big Win (20x Total Bet or more) or Hold & Win Respins.

It can also transform Gold coins into Platinum multiplier coins as part of the feature trigger.