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Orb of Osiris

Keep your eyes peeled for the Orb modifier!

Dig down through the layers to discover the hidden treasures that Orb of Osiris offers!

The game consists of 3 layers. When a win occurs the symbols involved in the win will be removed and new ones will be revealed underneath, Wilds are available on layers 1 and 2, and layer 3 is all bonus symbols.

When all wins have occurred, there is a chance that the Orb Modifier can trigger and remove up to 8 lines from the current layer revealing the symbols below!

Free Spins Feature

Reveal 4 or more Bonus symbols to enter Free Spins. Start with 10 Free Spins and get +1 for each extra Bonus symbol.

Reach layer 3 in the bonus to retrigger for additional spins (1 - 3). Once processed another symbol will reveal below the bonus symbol. The progressive multiplier increases by 1 before a win is paid!