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Mega Money Machine

  • Shifting Reels - during each spin, the position of each reel can shift

Game Play

  • Bet 10 credits to play 3 reels, Bet 100 credits to play 4 reels
  • Total Bet is the Base Bet multiplied by the Total Credits
  • When betting 10 credits, Reel 1 is inactive, and Reels 2, 3 and 4 are active
  • When betting 100 credits, all 4 reels are active
  • Reel 1 still spins when betting 10 credits, but does not contribute to winnings
  • All wins are shown in credits, and all wins are multiplied by the Base Bet
  • The total win is determined by the combination of numbers that appear on the single centre payline on active reels
  • These numbers are joined together left to right, to form the total win in credits
  • Blank-1-Blank-Blank pays 1 credit, Blank-3-Blank-0 pays 30 credits
  • 10-10-Blank-5 pays 10105 credits if playing 4 reels, or 105 credits if playing 3 reels (first reel is inactive)
  • During each spin, the position of each reel can shift
  • If no active reels have yet stopped with a value greater than 0, each active reel that stops with a 0 or 00 will shift to the rightmost position
  • Other reels that were previously to the right of this reel, will shift left one position
  • Once there has been at least one active reel stop with a value greater than 0, no subsequent reels will shift during the spin
  • The value of a reel is the number that appears vertically in the centre of it after the reel stops (if any)
  • Any numbers that appear above or below the vertical centre of a reel do not contribute to the value of the reel
  • The win is calculated after all reels have stopped spinning and shifting
  • At the start of each new spin, each reel shifts back to its original position
  • Reel 1 has 0, 00, 10 and blank symbols only