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Mega Diamond

  • Mega Diamond is a 3x3 game with 9 selectable lines, and jackpots that scale up as the bet per line increases
  • With multiple ways to win, the game revolves around different tiers of WILD symbols and features exciting watermark multipliers that can significantly increase line wins
  • Jackpots are awarded for landing three WILD symbols of different tiers on a played payline


  • Triggered when any 3 wilds land on a played payline
  • 3 top-tier wilds award the highest jackpot
  • 3 mid-tier wilds award the 2nd tier jackpot
  • 3 low-tier wilds award the 3rd tier jackpot
  • Any 3 mixed wilds will award the 4th tier jackpot
  • Jackpots scale up with the Bet Per Line

Watermark Multipliers

  • Triggered by landing a watermark multiplier symbol in a winning combination
  • Certain seven and bar symbols have watermark multipliers that apply to any wins they participate in
  • If two or three multipliers combine in the same win, they multiply each other
  • The multiplier values available are 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x